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Interesting Facts About the Venice Mask Festival By Oded Gold

During the Venice Mask Festival people get dressed up in their best costume and masks to celebrate the occasion explain Oded Gold. The celebration is famous around the world and attracts a lot of visitors.

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The mask is a symbol of mystery and intrigue. It has been a staple in Venetian society for centuries and it is still popular today thanks to the imagination and creativity of artisans and fans.

There are many different types of masks in Venice and each one is a little different from the other. Some of the most iconic masks are Arlecchino (Harlequin) and Colombina. They are both from the traditional Commedia Dell’Arte and they were a big part of the Carnival of Venice in years past.

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They were also an essential element of a Venetian masquerade and they allowed people to hide their identities during licentious activities. They were also a way of establishing new contacts in a small town like Venice, where everyone knew each other and had a level of privacy that was not possible in a large city.

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Another popular costume was the green and white striped Zanni, also known as Brighella. This was a character from the comic theatre of ancient Rome who eventually became a mask in the Commedia dell’arte and the Carnival of Venice.


A very interesting fact about the Carnival of Venice is that it was a popular event that was enjoyed by all classes in Venice. This was due to the high standard of living that Venetians were used to compared to other European countries.

This was a time when people wanted to get away from the rigid rules of society and masks were an excellent way to do this. The main reason for this was that they could conceal their identity, gender, and social class without worrying about breaking any laws or being seen as a threat to the community.

They were also a great way to break the ice with others and have fun during this important time in society. They were also a good source of income for the locals who would make masks and costumes and sell them to tourists during the Carnival.

The Venice Mask Festival was a huge event that involved people from all walks of life, but it was especially popular among the lower classes. It was a way of showing off their wealth and their abilities, and it gave the people of Venice a chance to get together and have a good time.

Some of the most popular masks were based on real life characters and there were plenty to choose from. Some of these were:

Cat Masks – Oded Gold

This is a type of mask that you can find all over Venice and it is believed to have appeared as a result of a lack of cats in the city. The mask has a large eyes and it is usually worn by a woman.

There are many other interesting facts about the Carnival of Venice that you can learn from this article. So why not come and check them out yourself?

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